Malecki Monument

In Loving Memory

Malecki Monument in Calumet City, IL. takes pride in providing high quality cemetary monuments that meet and surpass the standards of Holy Cross Cemetery and other Illiana area Cemeteries.

Grave Headstone Prices

We have provided discount grave marker services to the Calumet City area for decades – without you feeling you were forced to get a cheap grave marker. Malecki’s memorial grave marker selection is unmatched with over a dozen types of flat granite grave marker styles and colors available.

Monument Laser Etchings

Malecki not only provides a marble and granite monument selection to fit every taste, we also specialize in custom laser etchings to help you create just the right flat granite grave marker in loving memory of your special loved one. We can make the memorial grave marker you have always imagined, suited to the personality and life of the person it is in loving memory to.